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United Refrigeration / MULTI-TEC training

AM session; overview, sequence of operation installation scenarios, etc, Telecom, OEM’s, Industrial / Mech. Contr's, Engineers, Technicians.

PM session; start up, set-up, run test, troubleshooting and diagnostics.
Technicians and installers need both AM & PM sessions for certification.
There will be a test and a score of 80% is required to become Factory certified.

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Course Outline

Telecom, OEM’s, Industrial / Mechanical Contractors AND Technicians

1. System Overview.
2.Model Identification (model & serial).
3.Verify Necessary Materials  & Tools list.
4.Site Preparation – Clearances, Dimensions, Locations.
5.Preliminary Startup – Keeping the shelter cool.
6.PLC Controller Box/sensor Install,Detectors, Alarm wiring and Communication Wiring.
7.Complete sequence of operation & wall-mount Run test , Test and certification to Buy & sell , install and service equipment.
1.Multi-TEC system startup sequence/verification
2.Review of complete refrigeration system
3.Review all electrical components
4.System diagnostics, troubleshooting and service.
5.Warranty & parts.