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Bard Wall Mount Technician Training Sponsored By WESCO - PRIVATE EVENT FOR WESCO CUSTOMERS

Bard wall mount training for HVAC technicians, preventative maintenance personnel and Modular yard prep technicians covering installation, setup, diagnostics & repair AND maintenance and cleaning procedures. If you have a thermostat you use for the modular's bring one with you and we will review it, bring your questions and we will do our best to get you answers.

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Wall-MountTM  Training :  Air Conditioning (3.5 to 4 Hours)

Specifically aimed towards the W**A Single-Stage  and WA*S Two-Stage Air Conditioning Wall-MountTM Units, this course will cover applications, AHRI specifications, model-building (nomenclature), installation , standard features, componentry/anatomy, troubleshooting, and maintenance.  Specific attention is paid to ventilation options.  Electro-mechanical sequence-of-operation with colorized wire-by-wire voltage tracking, and a detailed coil-cleaning section specific to Wall-MountTM units make this course a MUST SEE for all technicians.